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All Species of Deer are poly seasonal animals that go through a seasonal transformation period on an annual basis, triggered by increased day light hours in the spring and summer months naturally elevating the levels of insulin growth serums, causing a Metamorphosis and physical change that is visually Recognizable over a six month period.

Enhanced with Focus Point Flavoring

Formulated with superior sources of protein and fat to stabilize body conditions, reducing the reconstruction process of muscle and fat tissue during the spring & summer months, therefore allowing the IGF-1 growth factor serums to concentrate on the targeted area of Antler tissue development during this period and not the replacement of body mass lost during the fall & winter months.

Our Spring and Summer rations

formulated to duplicate natural dietary structure

All species of antler deer and other ruminating wildlife experience hormonal changes of seasonal transformation periods or physical metamorphosis on an annual basis, controlled by the the photosynthesis effects from increased daylight hours during the spring and summer months with recognizable changes in the body structure.
That’s why you can see a tremendous visual difference on the physical appearance of an animal from one year to the next.

Our Fall & Winter diets

formulated with increased levels of proteins and fats

Our pellets are made with premium ingredients that are specifically formulated to provide deer and wildlife with seasonally adjusted rations by increasing and decreasing the necessary amounts of protein and fat in the pellets, to provide a more natural dietary platform for your animals

3 specific formulas

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